Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Under 100!

What?! I was totally shocked when I got on the blog today because the baby countdown says 98 days to go! Okay, so I guess that kind of freaked me out in a way, but it also got me really excited for the next 90 some-odd days to go really fast.

We just can't wait to welcome this new little bundle into our family! Chris said to me last night as we were putting Addie to bed, "what will it be like having a tiny, tiny baby again?!" Even though it hasn't been that long since Addie was itty bitty, she is already half my height (maybe not technically, but when I hold her, her legs dangle more than halfway down my body!).

I just couldn't contain myself today thinking about how tiny and precious a new baby is so here are some reminders of just how small Addie once was...


Addie and I have been working really hard on the alphabet song (or the ABC song, as we call it) and I am just amazed how quickly she is picking it up. She basically repeats any word you say so I figured I'd try it out with each of the letters. I sing a letter, then she echoes me until we're finished with the whole alphabet.

The other day, I was reading "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" (a really popular book in kindergarten that focuses on the letters) and when I got to T..U..V, she then said "W". I about scared her to death with my scream of surprise, but I couldn't help myself because she shocked me with that one so much!

So her favorite letter is "W" I suppose and now every time I sing the ABCs, I always stop after V to see if she'll say "W" and she does. The way she says it is just too cute! Here is a little clip (please totally ignore my singing!):

Friday, July 25, 2008

A "Fair" Night

The Vanderburgh County Fair has been going on this week and we decided to head out to the fairgrounds at the last minute after dinner last night. We had 3 goals for the trip: 1. To see as many of the animals we could possibly see (Addie's goal), 2. To get some sort of ice cream treat (that was my goal), and 3. To get saltwater taffy (Chris's goal). Well, we managed to accomplish all three and even added one to the list when we arrived, 4. To get Addie a balloon.

We started by visiting the chickens, bunnies, and goats and I believe the pygmy goats were the highlight of that building for Addie. She was doing the "they're so cute" dance and was very excited. When we got to the pig barn, she immediately started making pig noises, but was terrified when Chris put her down right next to one of the pig's pens. I don't think she realized just how BIG they are in person! (There were some enormous ones!). We also got to see little piglets playing and they were probably my favorite part. Then we saw the sheep and cows, and although Addie had been obsessing over cows earlier in the day, she didn't seem to be impressed by the real thing (of course they are a lot larger in person too!).

After stopping by the Dairymen booth to get some ice cream (to share with Addie of course), we sought out to find the infamous balloons all the kids at the fair were carrying around. Addie got a purple balloon and right after that, we found Chris's taffy he loves so much. Everyone was happy!

In awe of the "puple bloon" (my favorite picture!)

We made one more stop at the horse barn before leaving and Addie was more impressed with the straw hat that was on a display table than the actual horses. At least I enjoyed petting their soft noses! I think I must be allergic or something though, because I sneezed quite a few times on the way home. It started raining on us just as we were walking back to the van so our night ended just in time. We had fun and we'll definitely be going back again next year...who knows, we might even get crazy and brave some kiddie rides :)

Bye bye Fair!

Oh Baby!

Well, I promised to try to keep up with these belly pics and I have been slacking so here is one from the other day. I'm about 25 1/2 weeks now and feeling gigantic (although I do realize that I'm only going to get bigger!). Baby is very active, just like Addie was, and loves to play, kick, punch, and roll. I still don't have strong feelings whether this little one is a girl or boy so keep the guesses coming.

The heart rate was about 158 or so at my last appointment and I go again on Thursday so we'll see if there are any major changes this time. It's definitely not consistently high or low so all theories of telling boy/girl from the heart rate are thrown out the window I guess.

I've noticed myself starting to walk a little sway-backed and the aches and pains are coming on stronger by the end of each day. I'm not complaining because I really do enjoy being pregnant, but I am starting to think I'd prefer an October birthday baby, rather than early November!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Motherhood Really IS Grand!

I think today was probably my favorite day of all the days Chris has been gone (maybe it helps to know that he's going to be home at approximately 2 a.m., yay!). Addie and I spent the day at home and she has just been cracking me up and even had me laughing so hard I was in tears this evening. I guess I'm into lists lately so here's another one...

Questions I asked myself before lunchtime today:
~~Wonder if a CD will still work after being dropped into the toilet? (it does!)
~~What is the best way to get people urine smell out of the couch cushion? (little people urine)
~~What would it be like to take a shower by myself in the morning? (a certain small girl in my household seems to wake up just in time to join me)
~~Did we buy this step stool for gymnastics purposes? (and this was "tight" getting onto, as you can imagine)

And along with everything being "tight" lately, there's also been a lot of "oh gross" and "ew yuck" being said around here. Of course when the CD got dropped in the toilet this morning, that one was "oh gross!"

A few new friends were made today after I rearranged some of her toys around the house, moving most of the stuffed animals that were buried in the living room toy box into her room. This is how much she loves them:

I have a correction and an addition to my "husband-less" blog...Chris actually left on Wednesday night, not Thursday night so I've been without him for a whole day longer than I thought.

And number 9. I am not cut out to be a gardener! I have failed to water Chris' garden until today (and of course it's supposed to rain tonight) and there were two huge okras and one giant cucumber waiting to be picked. Oops! Good thing my better half is returning SOON!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Being Husband-less Stinks!

Chris has been in Lafayette since Thursday night helping with my aunt's roof and I am missing him like crazy! Of course Addie misses him too, she just can't verbalize it so instead she becomes extremely clingy to me. I think Joe misses him more than we know because I am terrible at remembering to "feed and water" him...I do take him outside often though!

Here are a few things I have learned from my husband-less experience:
1. Taking out the trash, all the way out to the "big can" really stinks.
2. Joe's pills (he takes 1/2 pill in the a.m. and the other 1/2 in the p.m) are a pain to cut in half.
3. The carpet is much cleaner when Chris is around to vacuum (Yes, he does all the carpet vacuuming, I know I'm spoiled!).
4. Eating out almost every meal is no fun but neither is cooking for myself and Addie.
5. Nighttime TV is awful and I don't dare watch anything that came from Netflix without him (we're getting ready to start the 3rd season of The Office).
6. There's no one to bring me a Blizzard randomly on the way home from Lowes.
7. I have to admit that I enjoy being able to stretch out in the bed at night, but it's quite sad waking up alone.
8. It's scary taking Joe out back very late at night, but I've been quite the big girl about it :)

I have accomplished a few things while he's been gone, like stocking up on fabric for my new fall clothing line and cleaning and organizing my sewing room. I think fabric is definitely my weakness, it makes me feel better when I'm down, almost like chocolate.

So after thinking long and hard about this experience, I am promising to never take my dear best friend of a husband for granted! I would really be a terrible single mom and I'm so thankful the Lord has blessed me with such a wonderful partner in life :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Oh Tight"

Addie has been cracking us up the last couple days with her phrases and goofy cuteness. She definitely says every single word we say and something she has picked up on is the word "tight." I guess at one point in time, I said that her shirt was tight when I was trying to put it over her head and now she says it all the time. Anything that is difficult for her to do, she says, "Oh tight!" Climbing up onto a chair or into bed..."oh tight." Pulling "nummy" out of the nummy bag..."oh tight." Hilarious! I'm hoping to catch this on video soon, I'll share it when/if I do.

By the way, the nummy bag is working GREAT so far and the last 4-5 days have been nummy-less, other than sleeping times. I am so proud of her!

Here are a few pictures I've caught of her lately...I'm especially loving the "do rag" and she certainly loved wearing it and didn't want to take it off!

With cousin Chase

Keeping Cool

It was "tight" getting up into this chair!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Roofing Experience

I mentioned briefly in a previous blog that my uncle Jeff and cousins were coming down from Minnesota to put a new roof on my parents' house and our house. Well, after some extremely busy and hot days both jobs are now complete. This weekend was so much fun being around all the family... my aunt and cousins came down from Lafayette and my other aunt and cousin made it down from Minnesota to help with the work too. This was the first time Addie met "The Minnesotas," as we call them, and I think she entertained everyone with her late night silliness.

Chris enjoyed helping and learning how to "roof" so much that he is actually going to go up to Lafayette with Jeff and Chase to help with my aunt's roof! That's one of the things I love about my dear husband, he's such a hard worker and loves to get his hands dirty! When they get back, I think they're going to tackle Chris' dad's roof also...and the roofing goes on and on!

I failed to get out the camera until today of course, but I was able to catch a few glimpses of our roof project.

Chase and Jeff on our roof

Chris cutting shingles for the ridge vent

Addie, the crew DJ, picks out some tunes for the guys

The Nummy Bag

Addie's "nummy," otherwise known as her pacifier, has been making frequent appearances in her mouth the last few weeks and I am having big issues with that. I know she's not too old for it yet and it's a huge comfort item for her, but I can't stand seeing it in her mouth from morning 'til night and especially when she's trying to talk. She's been whining for it nonstop lately, so my mom suggested making the nummy it's own little place to be kept during non-sleeping moments.

So the nummy bag came about. Addie helped me make it yesterday (by help, I just mean that she stood nicely next to me while I sewed and constructed it) and it attaches to her bedrail. So far it has actually worked great, although we fight about it when she wants to go get it when it's not necessary...I just have to be on my toes and come up with really clever distractions to keep her mind off of it. We're not putting a time limit on when she can no longer have it for good, just trying to eliminate it from her daytime activities and use it only at naptime and nighttime (and sometimes at church and doctor's appointments). I'm pretty sure I could patent and sell these puppies!

Oh, I also thought I'd throw in a picture of Addie's first pigtails! I have been waiting a long time for her to have enough hair to actually make pigtails and she finally has enough. I won't take her in public like this though, she looks bald from the front still :) One day, we will have the gorgeous piggy tails I've been longing for!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Big Girl Bed!

After lots of talking about it the last few weeks, Chris and I finally decided to go for it and turn Addie's crib into her "big girl bed." As my belly grows, it becomes more and more difficult to put her in and out of the crib, so this has been a life saver (or should I say belly saver) for me especially.

We got through the first night without any issues, she stayed in bed the whole time and did not fall out. I told her when I put her to bed that she had to stay in bed until I come to get her in the morning...and she did! She was awake before I was this morning and when I went to get her, she was just laying in there playing and talking just like she would have if it were still the crib.

I think there is something to say about making this change now...she's still too naive to know she can climb out if she wants to! We'll see if that carries on as she gets more used to it ;) Here she is enjoying her new big girl bed, she loves to climb in and out by herself!

Monday, July 7, 2008

A Busy Weekend

Our 4th of July weekend began with a celebration at my aunt and uncle's house with lots of family and friends. We had delicious food, played lots of yard games and relaxed and caught up with family. Addie even enjoyed the "hillbilly golf" and washers...

Then off to Papaw Mike's for some more good food and playing outside. Addie managed to fall asleep on the way there and slept for another hour once we got there, so Mommy and Daddy got to enjoy dinner without someone throwing food at us ;) We didn't brave the fireworks this year, a certain little someone probably would have fallen asleep anyway...maybe next year.

Last week, a few of my cousins and my uncle arrived from Minnesota so we have had quite the fun times catching up with them and entertaining them with our daughter (this was their first time meeting her!). We are SO much looking forward to this weekend when almost all the family will be in town!