Friday, August 31, 2007

Hi, I'm Jessalyn and I have an addiction...

Boy, since I started this blogging thing, it seems like every night when I'm trying to go to sleep my brain is working extra hard to come up with new things to write about. I think if I just "write" and get it out of my head, I'll be able to sleep at night. I am my mother's daughter and I obsess about lots of things...but my new addiction is eBay. Yes, I've been a member on eBay for about 2.5 years now because of Chris' influence. Now I think he's totally regretting ever signing me up because I am having an internet affair with auctions! Seriously, I don't think I have a problem YET, but it seems that when I do get to sleep at night, all of my dreams are filled with eBay listings and I'm constantly waking up thinking I've won something else...but I don't think I have a problem! Well, you see, I'm not a big fan of garage sales because I'm not a morning person and I don't like confrontations or "fighting" over the best and cutest deals. However, on eBay, I can "fight" it out to the finish and no one even knows me! What am I buying on eBay you ask? Um, let's see, I'll go back to my first blog where I wrote "I have an 8 month old daughter, who will one day be a 2 year old, who will then be a kindergartener and older sister...and then teenager." (I don't think those were my exact words, but I'm too lazy to go back and copy and paste right now...sleeping baby is about to awake and I'm in a time crunch!). So you get it? Baby clothes of course!!! Never thought I'd be into all the frilly "boutique" clothes, but that's just about all I look at on there. Now, you newer mommies, don't even think about getting on there and outbidding me for any of those darling outfits!!! Just kidding of course (not really)! Chris is praying that Addie is our only girl because of this bad habit I've developed. I'm on the other end of things wanting ALL girls because it's too much fun (my mother told me so--there's your plug ma!). For our budget's sake, I guess it would be a good idea if we had some boys in the mix. Anyway, I do find things that we NEED, like Addie's big girl carseat which we bought at a buy it now price (with FREE shipping of course) and we LOVE it! Don't worry, it's brand new and we got it at the cheapest price I could find (I always do tons of research before dropping the bucks!--that's how I convince Chris to let me buy it!). I'm not a bad mommy for having this addiction: I have a rule that I am only allowed to be on eBay when Addie is napping and I only get on here when she's awake if I'm about to WIN an auction by outbidding some unsuspecting mom who's at work, heehee. The house still gets cleaned, laundry done, and all my other stay at home mom duties fulfilled. I look at eBay as my reward for doing all that hard work and not getting paid! Doesn't it work that way?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A blogger....who me???

Okay, I've finally decided to take the leap into the wonderful world of blogging. I have enjoyed keeping up with friends and family members through their blogs so I think the fever of blogging has rubbed off on me. At first I thought I might not have enough to write about, but then I quickly realized that I have an 8 month old daughter who will turn into a 2 year old, and then someday a kindergartener, big sister to other little Knights, and **poof** we'll have teenagers...I have all kinds of stories in my future!!! So why not start now while I haven't strayed too far from the path of sanity. "Hee hee" ***Innocent/naive giggle***

Here's just a little of what's going on at our house lately...Addie dearest is crawling all over the place (still army crawling, no hands and knees just yet). She keeps me busy by getting into everything she shouldn't get into, but that's the fun of it, right? Everyone says, "you'll have to be baby-proofing your house soon," and my reply to that is, "we're going to try to teach her to leave things alone." I'll admit I have put things that could hurt her up higher, but I'm doing my best to teach her to not bother most things. Now most of you veteren moms are probably thinking to yourself, "boy, has she got a case of the first time mom disease." Well, maybe one day when I've made it through several children, I'll look back at my blog and realize that I was silly for wanting my house to reflect me after I became a mom...but for now, I'm gonna go down fighting!

One of the biggest adventures I've taken on since Addie's birth has been making the switch to cloth diapers. Back in the newborn days when buying diapers was actually "fun," I didn't mind making a so-called quick trip to the store when we began to run low. (Although I must say that we were very blessed to have lots of diapers given to us by friends and parents). Cloth diapering never entered my mind---well, it did, but I immediately thought "YUCKYPOO!" Of course I only knew of the cloth diapers that my mom used on me which involved pins and plastic pants. A few months ago I started researching the newer methods of cloth diapering and fell in love with the idea. I found Fuzzi Bunz, which are pocket diapers in which you place an insert and snap them on the kiddo just as easy as you would a disposable. No pins or plastic pants...and the idea of dunking the soiled diaper into the toilet was thrown out the window a long time ago too! It took me a few days to convince Chris that we needed to invest in some of these puppies...but after making the leap almost two months ago, I am in love with Fuzzi Bunz! Chris makes fun of me when we're around other new parents because I go into great detail about this wonderful product that is not only better for your baby and saves you tons of money, but it's better for the environment (see, here I go again---I should make a commercial and sell them myself!). I really only thought I'd use them when we're at home, but after a few days of getting used to them, I jumped in with both feet and took her out into ***dun, dun, dun*** PUBLIC! Haven't encountered a POO in public yet, but I guess we'll deal with that when it happens. Enough of my ranting and raving about my favorite new baby product FUZZI BUNZ! I'm going a little crazy with this blog thing so I think I'll save some of my built up "adult conversation" for another day.