Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Little Laugh

You'll never guess what I did today...
So last night while the dryer was drying diapers all night, some things fell off of the dryer onto the floor and into other places, otherwise known as the open washer (now, mind you, I have a top loader--yes it's HE, but it's top loading and huge). Anywho, as I carted the huge load of laundry to the washer this morning, I did not realize that something had fallen into it from the top of the dryer.
As I went to the washer to transfer the clean clothes to the dryer, I was a little perturbed when I opened it and found that all the clothes were covered in tiny pieces of what looked like cardboard-colored paper. I was immediately mad at my dear husband, who should have been presumed innocent until proven guilty, but I'm a busy mom not a lawyer, judge, or juror member.
I tried calling Chris that instant to see what in the world he had shoved in his jeans pocket a few days earlier that could have caused such a disaster in my washer! Lucky for him, he did not answer the first time and I had some time to cool off and take care of the mess a little.
After my dear Christopher Robin called me back, I explained to him what I found in the washing machine and he just "had no idea what that could have been." Hmmmm...the more clothes I transfered to the dryer, the messier it got and then there it was DUN, DUN, DUN.......
This crunched up bag of muck is what was left of a box--yes, a box--of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal that had fallen into the washer! The cardboard-colored paper was actually the BOX! To shorten a long story a little bit, the cardboard pieces came off in the dryer and the lint trap was covered with a 2 inch thick (maybe it was 1, but it seemed like 2) layer of cardboard (probably cinnamon flavored) lint. That's all. Funny story, had to share. Christopher was never actually "blamed" and he remains innocent until the next crime occurs in this household. Thank you, have a nice day!