Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random Funnies

I think I'll start a little "series" of blogs and title them "Random Funnies." Addie has always had a funny personality, and we are happy to say that her little sister is following in her foot steps. Although Lydia can be shy and reserved at times (only around others), she is a HOOT around us and we have the pictures to prove it! We feel so blessed to have these adorable little beings in our lives who make us laugh DAILY! Enjoy :)

Addie has mastered the art of dressing herself: her outfit this particular day included her baby sister's swimsuit top (to be used as a baby sling for, not 1, but 2 animals) and her beach hat...and more than likely, she didn't have pants's fall. Oh and she is mailing her "yucky nummy" (pacifier) to Alabama in this picture :)

We are extremely lucky to have a Butterfly Fairy Princess who comes to feed our little baby for us every day...just wish she'd do all the laundry and cleaning too ;)

Anyone interested in having a Tiny Baby Girl for dinner? She does this often and is very proud.

There is nothing more exciting than receiving a package in the mail...even if it is just used as a dancing/jumping stage!

I see this face MANY times a day and I LOVE IT!

Second borns must be more adventurous...she is ALWAYS climbing in/on something!

Several weeks ago, we did an Apple Unit for "school" and Addie became obsessive about making Apple Cider and Apple Juice....she tells about it here: (yep, she has on her sister's swimsuit top again)

Little Tiny is growing up SO fast! She is such a little talker, always repeating words we say. This video was taken when she was not feeling well last week, but she still manages to do some jabbering :)