Friday, January 9, 2009

A Great Ending

Other than a great visit to the doctor on Monday, our week did not start off so well. Among many other little issues, our old man dog, Joe, started in with doggy diarrhea very (I mean VERY) early morning on Tuesday. It wasn't a fun couple of days, but he visited the vet and I think his medication has kicked in. Addie decided to add to the sleeplessness by getting up very (once again, I mean VERY) early the few mornings when we desperately needed just a few more minutes of sleep. Lydia, well, she's Lydia and just slept through all the chaos and was a little angel.

Thankfully, Thursday was a WONDERFUL day around the house and everything went so well I thought I was dreaming. Addie got to have her first experience with finger painting and it was so much fun!

Trying out blue

Making a sweet little mess :)

Smelling it (and almost tasting, but got caught)

Friday, our friend Josi brought her little girl (who was born the day before Lydia!) over for a visit. We had a great time watching the babies play and staring at them in disbelief that they're just about exactly the same size (little chubbers :) Unfortunately, I forgot to get my camera out to catch these two together, but we know another play date is in our future soon.

My favorite moment of the week happened today at lunch. Addie and I were eating spaghetti and she hopped down for a moment to give Lydia a kiss and call her "sugar plum"...I didn't think anything of it and I looked back at Lydia a few minutes later to see this:

Spaghetti sauce eyebrow!

I wonder who did it!!!

Isn't she innocent??

These are the moments I cherish and hold dear in my heart...sisterly love at it's best!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Winding Down in 2009

After all the excitement of Christmas and Addie's birthday, it has been very nice to be on a slower paced schedule so far this year. We didn't do much around here to celebrate the New Year, in fact Chris and I both forgot it was even New Year's Eve most of that day. We did our usual routine of putting Addie to bed and we watched a movie (I don't even remember what we watched, how sad!). I am proud to say that we made it to midnight, but that's been kind of a normal thing lately too.

The first full week of January started off by a visit to the girls' pediatrician on Monday morning. I had been anticipating this visit for a while, just to find out how much weight our little chunky monkey had put on and talk with the doctor about some of Addie's not-so-great habits that have developed since Lydia's birth.

Little Miss Lydia Mae weighs a whopping 14 pounds and 2.5 ounces and is 24 1/4 inches long. She is off the charts for her age, to put it nicely. Needless to say, she is a wonderful little eater and we are both doing very well in that department :) She is also a great sleeper and I won't say much more on that subject for fear of jinxing our good streak we have had going for a while ;) We are enjoying getting to know her little personality more and more every day. She responds with smiles and even almost laughs when we talk to her...and she also babbles right back at us in her own language, it's so sweet.

Love those rolls :)

Big sister Addie is tall and skinny, but we knew that already. She weighs almost 26 pounds and is 36 inches tall. We discussed the pacifier issue with our doctor and decided to "leave the nummy with Dr. Cochran so he could give it to a little baby to use." So far (only about a day and a half in), she is falling for it and doing pretty well. Getting down for a nap was tough yesterday and I decided to pull out a different brand of "nummy" that she can use only at nap and bedtime. The next few days may be difficult for all of us, but we figure if she mastered potty training and carried on complete conversations with us before she even turned 2, getting rid of the nummy should be the last big step into two-dom. Wish us luck (and pray hard!).

I walked in the kitchen only to see the cutest little girl in her Little Mermaid panties and apron

Cooking up somethin' good

Lovin on my girls