Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My blog entries lately seem to revolve around the second born, but she's just at that age where so many changes are occurring and I want to document everything just as I did with Addie dearest.

Little Rascal is talking SO much these days, but one of the words she has picked up on that has me in stitches is "tight"--used when things are difficult for her to do. I am laughing so hard because little does she know, her big sister used to say "oh tight" in the same situations. (See this blog post from July, 2008)

Rascal wants to do everything big sister does so this means trying to dress herself. She will "ask" me to take her clothes off of her just so she can attempt to put them back on ALL BY HERSELF. And I mean it, ALL BY HERSELF. There will be no assisting from Mommy, or a fit will be had. It's pretty hilarious and frustrating all at once. She actually does a decent job, but can't quite maneuver pulling her pants up all the way so she sports the "penguin waddle" look :)

I am in no way trying to potty train my 16 month old daughter, but yet again, she wants to do everything big sister does so she insists on wearing panties. Well....when she tells me she has to go by saying "potty" or "pot-pot" and I take her in the bathroom and she goes.....okay then, you can wear panties for a half hour or so my teeny tiny child! I am amazed by her daily. Especially because I always thought she would be my less independent sort of child seeing as how she was WAY more demanding in her infant days than Addie ever had been. Things are starting to change in that department....and while she still loves to be cuddled and loved on, and lets the hugs and kisses flow freely.....she wants things her way and by goodness, she will do them when and how she wants to do them!

Shortly after my last two blog posts explaining some of her "adventures," we had a little mishap one afternoon. Earlier that morning, she was sitting in the chair "reading" with Addie and realized she could reach the light switch if she wiggled her way up the back of the chair. It was "kinda cute" (famous last words) so I took a picture. Later, after we finished eating lunch and were snuggled in for some reading time, she attempted the same thing and fell off the back of the chair....landing with a thud on the floor. I did not see how she landed, but the only visible wound I could find after a thorough check was a tiny whole in her tongue where she'd bitten it. Ouch! Now for those of you who know me WELL, you know I am not a worrier and I don't get worked up about much of anything. Hmmmm....this child had me in a panic that day, thinking she just might die when I put her down for her nap. I checked on her frequently while she slept and she ended up taking a record breaking nap that day and I just couldn't WAIT for her to wake up (this is just not like her either...she's usually up exactly 2 hours to the minute after I lay her down). I'm sure her little body was sore from the fall, but she seemed to bounce back pretty quickly after a good rest. I think she will be the child I feel the need to pray the most for her protection!

Oh how I love my funny little adventurous baby girl!