Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Half Birthday Little One!

Wow, six months has really flown and I know it sounds so cliche' but I can't remember what life was like before Lydia joined our family! She has grown and changed so much since the day we brought her home from the hospital and I can't even remember that 8 lb. 5 oz. little (but seemed HUGE to us at the time) baby any more. Her laid back personality has thankfully stuck with her and she loves to take in all of her surroundings, especially if that includes her big sissy :) Lydia and Addie love each other so much, it just melts my heart daily.

It took the chubby one a little while to get rolling over mastered, but she has it now and actually enjoys spending time on her tummy playing "airplane" (legs and arms flying off the ground). I keep telling Addie that one of these days Lydia will be crawling around chasing after her...and I can't wait to watch them interacting when they are both mobile :) Recently, Lydia discovered her voice and she sings and babbles on and on, especially when she's sitting at the table with us while we're eating or when she's in the Ergo carrier with me at the store or wherever we may be. I love hearing her "talk" to us in her own little way!

I love you, Lydia Mae, all the way from your blue eyes to your cheeky grin, right down to your dimpled knees and adorable little toesies...and everything in between!!!

Wondering what her sis is up to

Laughing at "you know who"

These will be walking feet oH sO SoOn!

My favorite cheeky grin :)

She's a heart melter, watch out!

This was my favorite pose from Addie's 6 month pics so we had to recreate it!!!

Love that baby girl!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter Weekend

I'm going to avoid writing a novel here simply because the pictures alone show the joy we felt this weekend celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Here are just a few of my favorites:

Sweet sisters

They are really this sweet, I promise

Serious Addie :)
I have decided this is my all-time favorite picture of's just simply her, lovey in hand and all!

Proud of her decorated eggs

Checking out the Easter basket filled with goodies, including her 1st Strawberry "Fruitcake" (as she says) movie

Little one LOVES her chick!

A kiss before church

Beautiful baby, chunk and all!

Love, love, love getting my girls outside
Another favorite of this girl

I could not resist this picture of Addie interacting with Papaw Mike's dog, Odie. You see, Odie is a beautiful dog, but he is afraid of EVERYONE except Addie. He loves her and it was so neat to watch them run together on Sunday afternoon.