Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I recently got a new camera and I have been especially camera-happy lately...trying to capture every little moment of my precious girls. I am sitting here -inside- on this rainy day, just thinking about how fast life is going...and how fast it's going to continue going the older they get. I dream of the day when my two little birds can fly around the room together, but I certainly don't want to rush either one of them into getting one bit bigger :) Here are just a few of my favorite moments from the past two weeks:

These are the sweetest cheeks in my world!

Lovin' that finger lately!

Enjoying "Mommy's swing"--the non-baby swing

Who could resist this face?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is Here!!!

Yay for Spring, the most refreshing season! Everything is beginning to bloom around us and the weather is turning warmer, birds are singing, days are longer, and children can run free outside! Happiness all around, if you ask me :)

In celebration of this new season, I thought I'd post a few new pictures of my sweethearts and let you all know what we've been up to.

Addie's "Ace Ventura" hairdo after nap

Piggy tails and dirt digging--it doesn't get much better

Squeezable Sissies

Lydi loving her excersaucer

The "little one" (as Addie calls her) is growing so fast! She is the size of an average 6 month old and is wearing 6-12 month clothes already. We started her on some rice cereal this past week and so far, she enjoys the spoonfuls of milky-mush. I just dug the excersaucer out of the closet the other day and Lydia LOVES it! At first, I wasn't sure if she was old enough for it...but after a few minutes of giggles and obvious entertainment, it's a welcome addition to the many other toys taking up space in our living room ;)

Lydia gave us a few sleepless nights last week, but I think we are back on track now and into a good groove (but that's all I'm saying about that, so we don't jinx it!). I think she was going through a stage where she wanted to be awake ALL the time, even during the night just so she wouldn't miss anything. She's definitely more alert and loves to interact with us. Here is a little clip of her laughing at her silly momma.

Big Sister Addie is also growing to be quite a little girl. Sometimes she says things that just make me laugh until my stomach hurts. One evening this week, the girls and I went to dinner with my parents. Addie was sitting next to Lydia in the booth and she said, "You're getting chubby, aren't ya?" Mom and Dad and I were just tickled by this statement. She definitely mimics us in the most adult-like way. Just this morning, she slung my purse over her shoulder and said, "Bye-bye, I'm going to work, see ya later!" and closed the "door" (moved the kitchen chair) behind her. As usual, she's constantly coming up with cute sayings and I have trouble keeping track of them all, unfortunately. "Okay, then" is another one of her current quotes...you know, it just makes the usual response of "OK" a little more formal ;) So when I ask her to take her dirty clothes to the hamper she responds, "Okay, then" and off she goes, happy and willing.

Addie just loves her baby sister SO much! She enjoys reading books to her, making her laugh by blowing on her belly, singing for her, and even decorating her!

I walked in the living room to see my sweet baby being "decorated" with heart stickers :)

Reading to the little one


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Precious Lydia

Another month has flown by quickly and our little baby is 4 months old already. Sweet Lydia is getting so strong and has almost mastered rolling from her back to her belly. She loves to kick her little legs and arch her back, especially during diaper changes. It is so much fun to watch the growing and learning process of a sweet innocent baby all over again. I'm trying not to rush her into growing up, but I'm looking forward to the exciting changes that I know lie ahead. Check out these squeezable cheeks (I do thoroughly enjoy squeezing my "squishy" baby several times a day!)...

She loves her big sissy :)

Nakey girl ;) (She'll love me for this one day)

"A" and "L"

Had to put this one on here too...baby #1 turned into a big girl!

Looking back over these pictures, my girls sure do favor their daddy...maybe one of these days I'll have a child who looks a little like me...but for now, I'm thankful I have a beautiful husband ;)