Saturday, April 3, 2010

Springtime Fun

We are LOVING the warmer weather and bright sunshine around here! Last week was beautiful and we took advantage of one of the nicer days and had a little Easter Egg hunt and craft time with our best friends. We are so grateful to have such wonderful friends who love to play and have as much fun as we do :)

The girls with their furry bunny ears

Lydia finding her first egg (other than the softball she already snagged!)

Addie checking out her "loot"

Lydia and Jenna going after the same egg (no tears were shed, I promise)

The whole crew after the hunt...this was one of the best of MANY pictures taken trying to get them all to be happy and look our way :) Luke's thinking, "Ugh, women!"

Our family spent some time outside at Papaw Mike's house on Friday and the girls enjoyed being able to run and run and run (and look for a few eggs in the process)! I just love taking pictures of them in their element, the great outdoors!

Addie enjoyed picking teeny tiny little flowers from the yard

Lydia hunting for Easter eggs

After a VERY emotional morning dealing with Attitude Addie (boy, I can't wait til she's a teenager!!), we attempted to dye some eggs. Daddy enjoyed doing this activity with the girls and I enjoyed watching the whole process and attempting to take a few pictures while supervising our little egg thief ;)

Add admiring her eggs and making sure they were drying properly :)

The cutest little egg thief (good thing they were hard boiled!)

We are so happy Spring has arrived and are enjoying the longer days! We have so much to be thankful for this Easter...MOST importantly for the sacrifice of God's only son, our Lord and Savior Jesus! Have a blessed Easter and Happy Spring!

Baby #3 Update

We had the pleasure of "meeting" baby #3 via ultrasound last Thursday, April Fool's Day :) Chris and I decided to take Addie with us because we knew she would be excited to see the little one and could sit still long enough for us to enjoy it (unlike the other wee one in our family, who had some special play time with Grandma at home). Biggest sister did great and loved seeing our baby "on TV" as she said.

Baby cooperated for the most part and looked very healthy...I'll have to get a quick scan at my next appointment to finish up a few areas. The heart rate was 149 bpm today and our little one seemed to be quite squirmy in there, kicking and curling his/her legs up towards the face. Here are a few of our favorite pictures from the day:

"Hi family!"

Profile looking JUST like both sisters already :)

Adorable little foot

All curled up and hiding for the 4D image

I am feeling great for a pregnant lady who is almost 20 weeks, chasing around 2 very active girls every single day! Funny how I wasn't feeling much movement before the ultrasound, but have felt baby tons the last few days which makes me very happy :)

We absolutely can't wait to meet the newest member of our family in August!!!