Friday, October 30, 2009

Celebrating A Sweetie

We can hardly believe that a year ago today, we were meeting our sweet baby Lydia for the first time. She has absolutely been a blessing to our family since that day! We love her dearly and can't wait to spend MANY more years celebrating her birthday with her!

I'll let the pictures do the talking, but keep in mind she did not feel well at all so she didn't smile for too many pictures :( We'll start off with a smiling one though:
Maracas from Big Sister Addie

She LOVED her shape sorter, thanks to Grandma and Papaw and Uncle Jake

A special snuggly kitty from Uncle Mikey

King Size Cupcakes, Mmmmmmm!

Wondering what to do with the cupcake :)

Getting a little taste

Checking out the icing on her teeny fingers

Big Sister enjoying a chocolate cupcake!

Thanks for all the cards and gifts for our baby girl! We are truly appreciate to have so many wonderful people who love her as much as we do!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Treasure Hunt?

Nope, just a *few* couch finds from when I decided to vacuum under the cushions ;) Can you identify ALL of these random objects?

I couldn't help but add these fun pictures taken of the girls yesterday. Lydia woke up from her nap with the fluffiest, sticky-uppy hair and she was just so happy that I was amused by it. The pictures really don't do it was pretty wild!

And a view from the back:

Addie has been quite the little Mama lately, as in feeding her babies (no bottles involved, if you get my drift) and carrying them around on her back in her "Ergo carrier" as she calls it (that's the brand of our carrier we use for Lydia). This scrap piece of Minky fabric actually works perfect for a wrap-style carrier for her dolls...her baby looks pretty happy about it, don't ya think? Please excuse the pajama shirt, Lydia is really the only one who got dressed yesterday :)