Monday, August 17, 2009

They Make Me Laugh!

These girls really are priceless. I most certainly have days when I want to pull my hair out and have a meltdown just like Addie does when things aren't going her way...but the days like that are soon followed with moments of pure joy when I think about these two little blessings.

Addie's personality continues to amaze us as she grows. It almost makes me sad to report that "bantaskick" has become "fantastic" now and several other words that she has mispronounced have recently transformed into the real words. She seems to be picking up on lots of different vocabulary lately, whether it's from us or Little Bear. She says "not quite" when we ask her if she's ready for something. She has been really into using directional words, such as "nearby" and "I'm running after you" (as she runs in front of us-oh well). She tries so hard to use "yesterday" and "this morning" correctly when talking about things that happened in the past...but she usually mixes them up and says things that happened a long time ago happened "this morning" and things that really happened this morning happened "yesterday" or sometimes even "yesteryear."

She thinks outside the box most of the time, which just astounds us sometimes. She sees things in a totally different way than I do and I love that about her! We have started doing more and more school type activities recently and the way I do things and the way she sees them are usually completely different. She will definitely be my "challenger," but I am excited to try to stay one step ahead of her, if I can :)

Addie's newest obsessions....seeing how many American Flags she can spot when we are driving in the car AND finding the letter "A for Addie" or "L for Lydia" everywhere we go and in anything we read.

I've mentioned before that she is "sing-songy" so I thought I'd share a little example of one of her most recent debuts. Of course she does this several times a day so I had many opportunities to catch her in the act. Pay close attention when she tells me who wrote the song :) Here's my princess:

Little Tiny is just growing way too fast. It's so hard to believe she'll be 1 in a little over 2 months!!! She had a check up last week and she weighs just under 20 pounds and is 30 inches tall! Off the charts for her height...I think we're going to end up with 2 very tall ladies in our household and they didn't get that from me ;)

I have this feeling Lydia's going to be our more adventurous child...she's a little less cautious than Addie has ever been. She's at the "play hard, fall hard" stage where she goes after everything and she will come out with battle wounds if that's what it takes to get what she wants! Her new favorite game is Peek-a-boo, and she will try to hide her face behind just about anything if it gets you to say "where's Lydia?" and "Peek-a-boo!" She's also been quite into imitating whatever we say and do lately. Her newest talent is making animal noises. She's always been highly skilled at making a very good monster noise, but recently she's trying some new sounds. We LOVE hearing her laugh and act like the rest of us (like a goofball!).

See, I told you she was very good at the growling/monster noise!