Monday, July 19, 2010

To My Big, Big Girl

My dearest first born, where do I begin? Let me just start by saying how blessed you make me feel each and every are the reason I answer to "Mama," you have and always will be that little being that started my journey into this wonderful world of motherhood! Watching you grow and change from baby to little girl has been amazing so far and I am so proud of the little lady you've become in the last three and a half years! Wow, time is flying!

I will never forget the first time you became a big sister when Lydia was born. I was emotional then about how you might react to welcoming another little person into our family, but you took to it right away and have been the most amazing big sister! I still remember when you saw Lydia for the first time and you said (without ANY prompting!), "I love you, Lydia" and gave her the sweetest kiss on the cheek. You were 22 months old! That moment will forever be imprinted on my mind...and still today you show her love in the most special ways. Just today when you two were playing together in my bedroom (destroying my bed, but having a wonderful time) you said, "I love you so much, Lydia" and I just grinned my biggest grin from the living room :) Then of course moments later I hear, "Lydias, Lydias for sale, fifty cents a Lydia!" a reference from the book Caps for Sale!

You have a huge heart and are quick to help anyone in need, especially your sister. I love how you call her "sweetie pie," "babe," or "binkers" and pretend you are her are and always have been so mothering, loving on baby dolls and stuffed animals, even diapering them long before Lydia was even born. I know I can always count on you to run and get something for me if I need you to and you especially love to help with chores, something I know you might grow out of, but I hope not!

You are my cautious child, who never hesitates to ask permission to do something, even if you see your sister already doing it...whatever that may be. You don't like to be barefoot in the grass and you don't quite have the "carefree" personality your baby sister has. You can't stand having messy hands, your food can't touch and you always ask for separate eating utensils so you don't cross-contaminate during dinner ;) Although these things are funny to us, I love that about you! You've always had funny little quirks and it just keeps getting more and more interesting as you grow!

What a reader you are! You could sit and look at books or be read to practically ALL.DAY.LONG. if it were up to you. You love all kinds of books, but especially enjoy our Bible readings every night with Daddy. Even when it's really late, you will not allow us to skip a story! I KNOW without a doubt your love for reading is where you get your very strong vocabulary. One of our favorite things about you is your ability to use big words correctly...but the best is when you get them mixed up or use them in a different way. You're always asking if we can "attract" Lydia while you're trying to do something (meaning "distract"). Or when you add "able" to the end of words just to make them sound longer and more important. You're so serious about your pretend play the other morning you came to me first thing and said in a troubled sounding voice, "Mama, my mushy dark cake calls for condensed milk and I don't wanna use condensed milk!" I reassured you it would be fine to just use regular milk if you had it...and then proceeded to die laughing on the inside :) If I could only record our whole day say and do too many funny things for me to remember sometimes and that saddens me.

While you are a total Daddy's girl, I know that deep in your heart you have that special place for me. I remember way back right before Lydia was born, we would have our daily snuggle time right after you'd wake up from your nap...and how you still enjoy that now (when you nap anyway). I know everyone thinks Daddy is the "funny one" but I also know you get to experience seeing how funny and goofy I am throughout the day when no one else is around and that's our little secret ;) I love when you tell me you love me out of the blue and wrap your arms tightly around my neck. Never having been much of a snuggly baby or toddler, those moments are especially wonderful to me.

You're growing up too fast, my princess, but I suppose that is life and I'm happy to be able to witness it all--day in and day out. As you anxiously await the birth of your new baby brother or sister, may you feel the special love we have for you, our first born baby girl. This time around is going to be a totally different feeling for me as I watch you embrace our new baby for the first time, knowing your excitement and understanding of what being the big sister means.

My girl, WAY too grown up!

Who IS just as sweet as she looks....

The BEST big sister anyone could ask for....

Even if she is FULL of quirks and loves hats....

One precious little human being....
Mama loves you right up to the moon and back!


Janice Knight said...

Just tonight, Addie asked me to "attract" Lydia so she could play a card game that was only for girls 18 years old. It was a Strawberry Shortcake game, and she said she had a dream about it last night. Your girls are such a blessing - and so are you!! I love you all!

Becca/Nick said...


And the comment from Aunt Jan. Too funny!!

We seem to be talking a lot lately about the changes taking place in our family. I am so eager to see how Ellie will take to having another baby. Nick has already decided that she'll be jealous (she already gets jealous pretty easily) and that she's going to be a daddy's girl.

Sure do wish we lived closer so that Ellie could spend more time with her "cousins."

I am hoping to make a trip to IN after our baby is born. Between the two of us, we'll have FIVE kids by then ;o How is that possible???