Thursday, July 15, 2010

To My Baby Girl

As the birth of your baby sister or brother approaches quickly, I am getting a little emotional about you, my current baby, becoming "the middle child." Precious Lydia, you have ALWAYS been a Mama's girl, even inside the womb it seemed....and I am expecting your little world to be rocked once this new little baby arrives. I want you to know how loved you are and always will be...and it'll be our little secret if you ALWAYS wanna be a Mama's girl :)

Although you have been a bit more "challenging" than your big sister ever was, I am trying to take in every last minute of you being our baby. Your personality is very strong and shines through in everything you do and say. You are funny...not just funny, but hilarious! Your daddy and I crack up laughing at you every single day. Not only are you funny, but you know you're funny. When we laugh at something you do or say, you say, "Mommy, funny?" and laugh at yourself too.

I love how you talk like a big girl and can put lots and lots of words together to make sentences and phrases. Just last night when we were getting ready for bed, you rushed back into the bathroom, got the brush down out of the cabinet and came back with it brushing your hair saying, "My hair messy!" even though we had just brushed it. One of your newer "Lydi-isms" is saying "minute" behind words. If you want me to hold you, you say "Mommy minute" or when we're getting dressed you say, "outside a minute?" as if you know we're dressing so we can go play outside. And if you want something someone else has, you might say "Lydi minute!" The fact that you call yourself "Lydi" because you can't manage to put that extra "a" on the end is the cutest thing ever! You DO sound just like your big sister when she was your age...even have the little attitude where you tilt your head and make a funny face when you're telling us something serious :) You are a HOOT!

You LOVE to sing and enjoy familiar songs like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "The ABC song," "Itsy Bitsy Spider," "Jesus Loves Me," and "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep." And boy do you like to sing those songs ALL BY YOURSELF. If anyone else tries to join you, you shake your whole arm and scold, "No sing, Mommy!" You FINALLY love took a while for you to have the patience to sit down and actually read books, but now that you have discovered them you're in love. One of your favorites is "Old Hat, New Hat," a Berenstain Bears board book and you read it (with help) like a pro! You love the Bible too and your favorite story is "Baby Moses." I love how every single night you MUST find Moses before you can go to sleep.

You haven't ever been much of a "self soother" and love snuggle time with Mommy...and while this made the first nine months of your life a little hard, I have grown to love knowing you'll always be my cuddly child :) You LOVE having your back rubbed and request it when you're having trouble falling asleep at'll say, "back rub please, Mommy!" and how can I say no to that!

You're rough and tough on the outside, always falling off chairs, scraping knees, and getting lots of boo boos. You insist on kissing those boo boos yourself, which is just too cute, especially if it's in a hard to reach spot :) And while you may be a tough girl, you're also very sensitive. You get your feelings hurt easily when you're sleepy and act VERY shy around people you don't know. People always mistaken you for our "quiet child" and we just laugh.

I know once the idea of a new baby settles in with you, you are going to be a WONDERFUL big sister! You are caring, sweet, and especially snuggly and this little one is going to be looking up to you as "it" grows and changes into a little person too...just as you look up to and adore Addie. We are all in for some big changes soon, but I want you to always know how much I love you and have enjoyed having you as my baby for the last 21 months of your life!

Sweet, sweet girl!!!
A little silly....

Sometimes moody....

VERY inventive....

Always keeping us on our toes....

Your ears must be burning cause you're waking up from your nap now...I better go get you so we can have our daily after nap snuggle :) Mama loves you!!!

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Janice Knight said...

I hope you are backing these blogs up on "permanent" media, my beautiful and loving daughter! Someday, your girls will love reading about the days when they were little. Your writing brings tears of joy to my eyes!!