Friday, February 4, 2011

Time...or Lack There-of

Just wanted everyone to know that we haven't fallen off the face of the earth since Christmas. We're still here, all alive and well! A quick apology that my blog is still "decorated" for Christmas, I promise our house is NOT still decked out in all things Christmas (snowmen, but NOT Christmas). I will get right on that, when I have time.......and I'd love to write a few new posts that sum up our pre and post Christmas adventures. I will get right on that, when I have time.

There seems to be such a lack of that (time) here lately. I am ashamed to say I JUST today got the pictures off of my camera and onto the computer from Christmas. They are wonderful. There are many. THAT might be why I don't have time to be writing a post about Christmas fun right this minute, because it just takes too stinkin' long to get all the pictures on here! And who wants a blog without pictures! I don't.

I am being real here. I'm still in survival mode (sort of) since Sam entered our family. It's busy. It's crazy. It's a whole lot of "hold me's" and crying and feeding and TV watching and disciplining and whining and wiping noses and changing diapers and clobbering Mama and replacing pacifiers and cleaning up accidents (people and dog kinds) and LAUNDRY, a whole LOT OF LAUNDRY, my friends. I am happy to say it's getting easier. I have finally started doing school with the girls again and We.Are.Loving.It! And then there's the school blog....why in the world did I think I could manage not one, but TWO blogs. I suppose that started before I had 3 kids. Hmmmm. So my camera has been stashed away for a while and we have just been trying to enjoy life, not document every little "educational moment" or fun time. I must say, my phone has a better camera on it than our smaller digital camera so that has come in handy when I want to snap a quick picture of someone being cute (or sometimes not so cute!) and send it to Daddy.

So there you have it. Excuses, excuses, but I personally believe I have 3 very good adorable and special excuses keeping me from sitting here on my rear writing this blog. I guess you could just call today's post a waste of time (especially with no pictures!), but I wanted everyone to know that we ARE still here. Loving life (most of the time!) as a family of 5 :)