Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We Have a 2 Year Old On Our Hands!

Waaaaaaaaaaay back in October (seems like forever ago since today is December 1!), our middle blessing turned 2. It feels like she's been 2 all her life and now that she is actually 2, it seems like she should be 4! Time is flying and our sweet Lydia Mae has grown up tremendously in the past several months.

She potty trained herself sometime between when Sam was born and her birthday (following her big sisters footsteps almost exactly). She talks like she's 6 and has the funniest *spunky* personality, always making us laugh! While being incredibly challenging (and I mean INCREDIBLY) at times, she is also the most loving and snuggly little girl. She absolutely adores her baby brother and loves laying with him, holding him, and giving him lots of smooches.

This picture says it all:

Blowing out her 2 birthday candles

Opening presents the morning of her big day

Riding her new Plasma car with big sister

Our sweet handful of a girl (don't let that cute little grin fool you!)

Blue-eyed beauty (who was VERY tired after a VERY long day on her birthday)
My little 2nd born....don't you ever change! I love your adventurous personality and all your challenges. Although you sometimes bring out the worst in me, I know God put you in my life to help me become a better mother and person! I love you SO much, more than you'll ever know!

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